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Case Studies/Solutions

Rainstorm Solutions provides expert consulting and design services in the areas of rainwater harvesting and storm water management. We work with home owners, builders, engineers and architects to develop the best, most efficient rainwater harvesting systems that fits their projects needs.

We also believe in implementing certain aspects of  rainwater harvesting systems today for what we fell will be required for future systems. We do this not only in an effort to be the best but also to help make sure our systems are going to be safe, long lasting, and low in upkeep and maintenance cost  

We provide design and consulting services for developers, architects, and engineers who desire to make water conservation a priority on their projects. Whether it’s for a LEED project,  as a requirement by a municipality, or just a request from the owner for a more sustainable Low Impact Development approach.


We search for all available opportunities in order to create the most efficient and cost-effective solution for each individual project.  Our services include design build services,  equipment procurement and installation of all of our designed systems as well as maintenance on any system.

Rainstorm Solutions can and does partner with a licensed contractor(s) to provide turnkey solutions for your entire storm water plan. Thomson, Croder  & Co., Inc. is a civil contractor with unlimited licensing and over 30 years of experience in civil contracting and engineering services that we frequently partner on job sites with. If you already have your site contractor in place we will gladly work along side them to make sure your project goes as planned and our aspects of any job.

Rainstorm Solutions represents a wide variety of products for rainwater harvesting and storm water management. We understand that not one product can solve all the problems that are faced on each individual site. Rainstorm Solutions represents various types of rainwater harvesting components and understand that some of them work better then others in certain environments just as certain storm water control measure do. We will discuss and clearly demonstrate why particular systems are better suited for certain projects, and we also understand budget constraints play a pivotal roll in decision making.

Our rainwater harvesting designed systems all require four key components that make up a healthy, low maintenance system.
You will find a comprehensive list of components from Wisy on our products page of this website. We also have some examples of designed commercial systems as well as residential systems for above and below ground, but they are not the only systems available.

As we see more and more systems use the collected rainwater for interior use we continue to evaluate the systems we have in place, how they are functioning and make enhancements to the new systems we put in place.

The result of our efforts is lower costs for municipal water use, less impact on community storm water and sewer systems, and a more sustainable source of water for toilet flushing, irrigation, cooling tower recharge and other uses.

Our clients feel better about how their buildings impact the environment, the short and long term money saving and that they are part of the solution for a greener, more sustainable world.

rainwater and storm water case studies