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At Rainstorm Solutions we are adamant about the importance of pre-filtering the water as it exits your impervious services and before it enters the containment tank. this provides a healthy environment in the tank and allows for a low maintenance system and all the down line usage’s to run more efficiently. Rainstorm Solutions provides the WISY filters that are the very best in the rainwater harvesting industry.

The three filters below are installed vertically inline with the downspouts. These filters provide a first flush feature and allow for the overflow water to be diverted to an designated area.

Rainwater and Storm Water Containment Devices Garden Downspout Stand Pipe


These high capacity Vortex filters are used in instillations where multiple conveyances are manifolded together to a single inlet pipe. These German designed filters are very low maintenance. They have a single bottomless stainless steel filter that filters to 280 microns. They are the best pre-filters in the rainwater harvesting industry.