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Pond And Lake Management

Rainstorm Solutions aims to provide you with the professional and efficient service needed to improve and maintain your lakes and/or ponds. We do this through strategic storm-water control measures, education, working with the environment and on-going maintenance that ensures optimal water quality at all times.

Below are a list of commonly performed services that may be beneficial to your pond or lake.

o Thorough cleaning of the inlet/outlet structures
o Trimming and cleanup of aquatic plants
o Bio-filter check-up and cleaning as necessary (if equipped)
o Removal of floating debris from the pond surface
o Water quality test
o Algae/ Bacterial treatment
o Monitoring of aquatic life for disease and other complications
o Monitoring for erosion along banks and stream inlets/outlets
o Monitoring for sediment build-up within pond or fore bay
o If applicable, monitor dam slopes, vegetation and embankments
o Verify correct functioning of any gate or other draw valves (twice per year)

**Additional treatments/procedures on a case by case basis**

Treatments and maintenance are offered on a monthly or bi-annual basis.

After being treated by Rainstorm Solutions for algae growth, this Durham County pond is not only healthier but much more pleasant to look at too!