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When dealing with excess water, the simplest and most logical solution is to essentially give the water somewhere else to go. Although we are partial to the benefits of a Rainwater Harvesting System, it is not always the best option. Great ways to reduce flooding are to install systems that transfer the standing water to a permeable surface which will benefit from this resource.

Take a look below at some other Stormwater Control Measures that Rainstorm Solutions has installed in the past. Whether you have overbuilt issues, standing water, or poor drainage, Rainstorm Solutions has THE solution for you!


In this particular resident’s yard, Rainstorm Solutions had installed a French Drain with a yard inlet. Both systems assist in drying out the driveway and low areas in the yard where water tends to stand during and after rain events.


The infiltration system to the left was part of the Storm Water Control system installed by Rainstorm Solutions at a residence in Wrightsville Beach, NC. It was paired with a Rainwater Harvesting System to make a complete sustainable package to handle the stormwater on the recent build. The engineered and custom built aluminum infiltration pipes installed exceeded the required SCM regulations.

On sites where soils drain well and the water table is low enough, a stormwater infiltration system may be the most economical means for managing runoff. Unlike detention systems, which typically discharge runoff from a single outlet pipe, infiltration systems allow accumulated runoff water to percolate into the subsoil. Water quality is usually improved through the soil’s natural filtering ability. Infiltration systems can also minimize water table reductions. Infiltration is a key feature of low impact development (LID) designs.

Rain Gardens

Raingardens and bio-retention areas are great ways to reduce standing water while improving the look of your home. Downspouts and runoff from your roof can be re-directed to these areas that are designed to retain excess water. Rainstorm Solutions will also supply you with information on a variety of plants that will grow best in the conditions of your new Raingarden.

Storm Drain Pipe & Box Install

Rainstorm Solutions is currently installing a 15” 24” & 30” RCP Storm Drainage System throughout the Central Carolina Community College’s Wicker Center expansion project. This new storm drain system will drain the new parking lots and other areas into the newly installed retention pond.