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Rainstorm Solutions works on a vast array of SCM/BMP repairs ranging from 4-inch residential drain pipes to large commercial BMP repairs. Whether the current system had a catastrophic failure due to natural causes or just reached the end of its life expectancy, we are able to determine the best method to either repair or replace the current system.

Swale Repairs

Swales are a nice method of containing and moving water from one location to another. With this, over time, sediment and turf build-up can cause slope issues which is where Rainstorm Solutions comes in to excavate and correct grades for positive water flow.


Sinkholes can be caused by a variety of issues. Inspecting and understanding the cause for the sinkhole is imperative in fixing it correctly. With the vast experience of sinkhole repairs, Rainstorm Solutions is able to understand the problem and make the correct repairs. Otherwise sinkholes that have only been “covered up” will come back worse and possibly become more damaging.

Storm Drain Pipe & Box Repair

In this video you will see that the first box has deteriorated which was caused from natural wear and tear over the years. To fix this, Rainstorm Solutions added an additional 24” inlet pipe and rebuilt the box to enhance the drainage.