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Mitchell Residence

This particular project served dual purposes. As part of a City Mandated Stormwater Control Plan, Rainstorm Solutions worked alongside a local engineering firm to develop a plan that would serve in the customer’s best interest. Along with a 3000 Gallon Rainwater Harvesting System, an extensive custom built infiltration system was also installed. The Rainwater Harvesting System supplies the home’s irrigation system with water.

Residential Lake James

The owner of this custom home on Lake James created his design to include a “whole-house-use” Rainwater Harvesting System. All of his downspouts feed a WISY 150 filter, into two 2500 Gallon Tanks that then flow through a purification skid before being distributed via a custom built manifold system. He also has the ability to use the harvested water for irrigation purposes.

River Bluffs Model Home

This 2000 Gallon underground concrete cistern tank supplies the model home at River Bluffs Development located on the Cape Fear River with irrigation water for all of their landscaping needs. It was does as an example for future home-owners to see and experience how Rainstorm Solutions Rainwater Harvesting Systems could benefit their new homes. This system will eliminate the need for the homeowners to purchase municipal water or have to dig a well for irrigation purposes.

Longbourne Apartments

The Longbourne Apartment Complex is primarily occupied by older residents, who wanted easier access to water for their gardens in the back of the property. Rainstorm Solutions placed two 550 Gallon tanks under the stairwell and collected off a portion of the roof in the area. The water was then pumped via a submersible pump to the garden area for watering. The tenants love their free water and the gardens are flourishing!