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Pope Holbrook Elementary School

Pope Holbrook Elementary School’s Project came to us in early 2016 but did not get installed until the Spring of 2017. This was a special project in that it had as much of an educational purpose as it did actually functioning as a water supply. The system consists of a 400 Gallon Texas Metal Tank constructed of Stainless Steel and a pump skid package that was built in-house by Rainstorm Solutions and then mounted on the “Roof Classroom” at the school located just outside of Fort Bragg, NC. The system will supply water for the school’s 10 garden boxes located on the flat roof classroom. It will be powered by an array of solar panels. The system will be controlled by a master control panel and gives the students information about how much water is being used and how much power it takes to run the pump to provide the water. It will have a weather station as well as a smart irrigation controller and only irrigate when needed.

Coastal Federation

This Rainwater Harvesting System installed by Rainstorm Solutions was an educational project for conservators of the oceans and wetlands. The entire setup of a 1500 Gallon Rainwater Harvesting was part of an educational tutorial that included several other BMP’S. They still use their system to supply irrigation to their landscape and for other educational components.

New Hanover Dog Facility

Four 2500 Gallon Tanks were installed in this rainwater harvesting system which provides the county’s Animal Control Facility with wash-down water and car washing. This system was able to replace all of their public utility water expenses.