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As we see more and more systems use the collected rainwater for interior purposes, we continue to evaluate the systems we have in place, how they are functioning and make enhancements to the new systems we put in place.

The result of our efforts is lower costs for municipal water use, less impact on community storm water and sewer systems, and a more sustainable source of water for toilet flushing, irrigation, cooling tower recharge, etc.

At Rainstorm Solutions we are adamant about the importance of pre-filtering the water as it exits your impervious services and before it enters the containment tank. This provides a healthy environment in the tank and allows for a low maintenance system and all the down line usage’s to run more efficiently. Rainstorm Solutions provides WISY and Graf filters that are the very best in the rainwater harvesting industry.

Inline Downspout Filters

Installed vertically and in-line with the downspouts. These filters provide a first-flush feature and allow for the overflow water to be diverted to a separate designated area.

WISY Garden Filter Collector Package
Filters 800-1,000 Sq. Ft.

WISY Downspout Filter Package
Filters up to 1,600 Sq. Ft.

WISY Standpipe Filter Package
Filters up to 2,000 Sq. Ft.

Vortex Fine Filters

The high capacity Vortex filters are used in instillations where multiple conveyances that manifold together to a single inlet pipe. These German designed filters are very low maintenance. They have a single bottomless stainless steel filter that filters to 280 microns. They are the best pre-filters in the rainwater harvesting industry.

WISY Vortex Fine Filter WFF100
Filters up to 2,150 Sq. Ft

WISY Vortex Fine Filter WFF150
Filters up to 5,500 Sq. Ft.

WISY Vortex Fine Filter WFF150
Filters up to 5,500 Sq. Ft.

WISY Vortex Fine Filer WFF300 Stainless Steel
Filters up to 33,000 Sq. Ft.


Rainstorm Solutions provides a wide variety of pump options. Some solutions will be best suited for a suction pump and others a submersible pump. Shown here is only small sample of what Rainstorm Solutions offers. We are capable of supplying the perfectly suited pump for whatever your projects needs may require.

DAB Divertron 1200X

Smoothing Inlets

Made of all stainless steel, these cap ends to the inlet pipe, calm the water as it enters your tank. The water is diverted in an upward and outward direction, thus not disturbing the fine biofilm layer that will form on the bottom of your tank. This biofilm layer is important to the health of the tank as it help oxygenate the water much like a fish tank. If it is disturbed the turbidity will get into the down line and could cause problems. The WISY smoothing inlets come in two sizes 4 inch and 8 inch. If the system is a smaller size Rainstorm Solutions has other options to calm the water. Please contact Rainstorm Solutions for other options.

WISY Smoothing Inlet (4″)

WISY Smoothing Inlet (8″)

Intake Filters

These floating intake filters are designed to pull the cleanest water in the tank to the pump and on too the down line usage. These intakes are attached directly to the outlet hose and the exiting fitting of your tank. The float balls are polyethylene and the filters are stainless steel. Rainstorm Solutions carries both the fine and coarse filters.

WISY Floating Fine Suction Filter

WISY Floating Course Suction Filter

Overflow Devices

Another key component of the healthy system is the overflow devise. On the smaller systems with the downspout filters the overflow is directed back to the downspout and on to the drain outlet. On larger systems, using our Vortex filters, a separate devise is needed. This Multi-siphon overflow devise will divert the overflow to a separate designated area. This devise has a skimming feature that will skim the surface of the water at overflow level, and rid the tank of any floating particulate. This component also has a rodent prevention feature to keep unwanted animals from entering your tank. Other overflow options are available dependent on the system’s needs. Please contact Rainstorm Solutions for options.

WISY 4″ Multifunction Overflow Device

WISY 8″ Multifunction Overflow Device