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Darla Moore

University of South Carolina

Rainstorm Solutions has provided and installed the Stormwater System for the University of South Carolina’s Darla Moore Building in 2013. The entire building is Platinum LEED certified with extensive harvested water use both inside and out. The water is used for irrigation and a supply for all toilets flushing within the building. There are multiple tanks set up outside, along with an inside day tank where the water is purified, dyed and distributed via a triplex booster pump system. This project included a 15,000 Gallon Underground tank and s 2 WISY 300 Vortex Filters Rainstorm Solutions 4 part system.

Bayer CropScience Green House Rainwater Harvesting System

Bayer CropScience in Research Triangle Park, NC has multiple Green House facilities with Rainwater Harvesting Systems recently installed by Rainstorm Solutions. Their cisterns respectively hold from 50,000 to 100,000 gallons and are the main supply for all water needs used to produce the green houses’ research plants. It is estimated that over several million gallons of water a year is captured and used instead of being purchased and pumped to the site via typical means. These systems consist of in-ground storage, pre-filtration, PLC touch screen automation controllers, purification packages, pump packages, switching mechanisms, fertigation systems, maintenance and support all furnished by Rainstorm Solutions.

New Hanover Detention Center

At the New Hanover County Detention Center, a Rainwater Harvesting System was installed to primarily help with Cooling Tower recharge and the building’s HVAC system. Rainstorm Solutions installed 2-5000 above-ground tanks, which in the future will be upgraded to approximately 40,000. Upon completion, it will replace almost a million gallons of water that up until now was purchased from the local utility. After upgrading to larger tanks, they will also have the option of using the stored water for vehicle washing, etc. The system includes a PLC controller, Graf in-ground pre-filters, 10,000 Gallons of storage, pumps, sump box, and a purification package.

Cape Fear Community College Union Station

This project in Downtown Wilmington, NC was designed to collect water for irrigation on the college grounds and planter boxes. The rainwater harvesting system is also part of their stormwater plan. The system holds 12,300 Gallons and provides enough storage for all of their irrigation needs. Water quality is controlled by the use of a WISY 300 Vortex filter, a calming inlet, suction filter extraction hose and overflow protection