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When it comes to storm water management, Rainstorm Solutions takes a progressive approach in creating solutions individualized for each job. Whether it’s a simple ditch and routine pond maintenance or something more advanced such as a full storm water plan for a large commercial location, Rainstorm Solutions has the ability to complete the job.

We strongly believe in the implementation of rainwater harvesting as a stormwater BMP, but we understand that it is not always the best and/or only option. Following with the approach of Low Impact Development (LID) we are experienced in applying other Integrated Management Practices (IMP) such as rain gardens, green roofs, curb-less vegetated medians, permeable pavement, bio-retention cells, etc. Recent studies with Low Impact Development (LID) practices have shown that decentralized storm water controls work to infiltrate storm water on-site in a much more natural setting.

A combination of Stormwater Control Measures (SCM’s), including infiltration and rainwater harvesting make a sensible combination of components that are sustainable and efficient.

If you are interested in learning more about the latest ways to reduce your impact on the environment, contact us to discuss what may work best for you.

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